Meet the Stars of Evening with the Stars

On Friday, November 18, Active Water Sports will host our 28th annual Evening with the Stars. The red carpet is laid out and ready for our stars. So, get to know them below before you meet them at the big event.

Danny Harf
Danny Harf rides for Ronix and Nautique. He is also one of the owners of Ronix. Danny has a pretty stacked resume, with five podium wins at the World Wakeboard Association National Championships and 11 Pro Wakeboard Tour podium wins, including two in Portland back in 2005 and 2007. He rides the Ronix One Timebomb and One ATR behind the Super Air Nautique G23.


Shawn Watson
Shawn Watson is an accomplished professional wakeboarder for Liquid Force and Nautique. Some of his biggest accomplishments include taking first in the World Wakeboard Association Championships in 2000 and 2002 and second in 2003. He rides his Dose Watson behind a Super Air Nautique G23.


Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller rides for Slingshot and is known for pushing creativity in the industry, including riding with a narrower stance than most. He also is the operator behind the infamous Instagram page, @wakezeach. Dylan’s board, the Solo, is new to Slingshot’s lineup this year.


Brooks Wilson
Brooks Wilson has excelled in the ski industry, becoming a National Waterski champion, a Jr. Masters champion and a US Open champion. He also coached at The Boarding School in Orlando, Florida, alongside his brother and fellow professional skier, K.C. Wilson. Recently, Brooks was named Brand Manager for Radar Skis.brooks



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